Raw Material

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Polyethylene products showing high resistance to chemicals and environmental stress cracking (ESCR) with low temperature applicability are regarded as light-weight solutions. Our company manufactures wide range of polyethylene-based products from low density to high density polyethylene resins.


Polypropylene materials providing high performance at higher operating temperatures and pressures compared to the polyethylene class, demonstrate low temperature impact resistance with advanced elasticity and toughness properties accompanied with low moisture and water absorption characteristics.


XPE or PEX polyethylene reinforced with cross-linking offers superior performance compared to standard polyethylenes by virtue of having improved impact resistance at low temperature conditions, high temperature performance and abrasion resistance and ESCR properties


Among the polyolefin materials used in rotational molding technology, PA6 is an engineering performance thermoplastic demonstrates high strength and hardness at elevated operating temperatures and resistance to various chemicals, especially fuel blends and oils. Compared to polyolefin products, despite the difficulty in processing, it offers high performance in aggressive environments.


As one of the most demanding engineering plastics, PA12 having high impact resistance at low temperatures acts as a barrier to aggressive mediums while preserving dimensional stability and offering high elasticity and fatigue resistance under challenging operating conditions.


Polyethylene foam products manufactured with multilayer rotomolding technology exhibit high strength to weight ratio. Versatile structural properties; insulation, lightweight and elastic characteristics are the major reasons for the preference in different applications.


Flame retardant polyethylene products successfully meeting different standards, especially UL94 “Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances” are suitable for use in areas where non-flammability and non-dripping features are requested.