Urea Tanks

The purpose of the Urea solution or AdBlue as commercial name is to reduce the emission of harmful gases from the exhaust of diesel vehicles equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system. The urea solution is chemically active, materials that are in contact have to be suitable for urea. Mixing the wrong liquid, for example diesel fuel, into the urea tank will cause an abnormal amount of nitrogen oxide emission from the exhaust, even the exhaust system may burn. In order to prevent this risk, the urea quality sensor activates and stops the engine in case of an abnormality.

If the urea tank is emptied, it will cause emission levels to be exceeded, the catalyst will soon be damaged. In this case, service intervention is definitely required in order to restart the vehicle.

Floteks manufactures the urea tank from plastic material in accordance with automotive standards and assembles the urea quality sensor, level indicator and other components through rigorous quality control processes.